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Welcome Greetings


Welcome Greetings

Greetings from the Conference Co-Chairs

To all CNS-SCN Ottawa-Gatineau Conference Delegates,

On behalf of the CNS Annual Conference committee, we are delighted to welcome you to the CNS-SCN Ottawa-Gatineau 2016 conference!  The scientific program for this year`s conference features a broad array of nutrition topics spanning areas of clinical nutrition research, nutritional biochemistry, food regulatory/policy, as well as community and public health nutrition. Cutting edge research findings and evidence-based perspectives will be presented by renowned expert scientists from Canada, the United States and Europe.  The conference program was developed by the Program Committee and is based on the many excellent proposals submitted by CNS members. We are excited about the topics and speaker lineup that make up the two-day program, and hope that you are too!

In addition to the scientific symposia during the main conference, we will be offering dual pre-conference workshops. We are continuing our tradition of the very successful Food for Health Workshop. This year will be our sixth workshop and is being hosted in conjunction with the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) and Canadian Institutes of Health Research – Institute of Nutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes (CIHR-INMD). This year's theme is "Global approaches to food, nutrition and agricultural research partnerships to align research agendas and to improve public health."  Our second pre-conference workshop is aimed specifically for trainees and consists of excellent learning and networking opportunities to support our future leaders and professionals in their career development.

Over 165 scientific abstracts, a CNS record, were submitted with 72 abstracts submitted to the trainee competitions. Abstracts (excluding the late-breaking abstracts) will appear in our society journal, Applied Physiology Nutrition and Metabolism.  Our exceptional trainees will be front and centre to present their research at the Nutrition Graduate Student and Trainee Award competition (supported by Nestlé Nutrition) taking place during two morning sessions and Poster finalists will be featured in the main lobby of the conference centre. Prior to these sessions, we will have our premier career award presentations featuring: The Khursheed Jeejeebhoy Plenary Lecture (supported by Abbott Canada) and the Young Investigator Award Lecture (supported by Pfizer Consumer Health Care).

The Opening Reception will feature our keynote speaker, Dr. Mike Evans, who is known worldwide for his work in innovative health messaging to the public. We encourage conference delegates to take advantage of the many opportunities for socializing and networking that are always an important part of our conference, and also consider taking in the local attractions that our nation's capital region has to offer. May we suggest starting off with a double-decker bus tour or walking tour of the city of Ottawa. This year's conference will culminate on Saturday evening as we celebrate the achievements of our colleagues including the presentation of the Earle Willard McHenry Award for Distinguished Service in Nutrition at the Annual Awards Banquet, followed by a post-banquet concert featuring our very own CNS member talent!

We wish to thank all of the Members of the Ottawa-Gatineau Annual Conference Committee, the CNS Executive and Advisory Committees, CNS partners and sponsors, our student volunteers, CNS Executive Director Andrea Grantham, CNS Special Events and Program Associate Christa Costas-Bradstreet, and Taylor and Associates for contributing to the planning and success of this conference.


David Ma PhD
Executive Co-Chair

Marci Cooper PhD, RD, FDC
Local Co-Chair

Pauline Darling PhD, RD
Local Co-Chair


Welcome to all attendees to the National Capital Region. The Canadian Nutrition Society (CNS) is pleased to offer its members and broader nutrition community an opportunity to come together each year to attend stellar scientific sessions, showcasing our future stars, recognizing fantastic leaders and providing the opportunity to reconnect with colleagues and friends.

The CNS has had a busy year!  Our membership continues to grow steadily; we have now reached our highest number of members ever!  We have also increased the number of CNS led activities. In addition to our Annual Scientific Conference, we now host a one-day Thematic Conference and many highly attended Webinars. Membership benefits now include access to a growing library of highly accessed video content in our Education Portal.

This year marks six years of CNS activity. Through the hard work of many dedicated volunteers and consultation amongst all of our committees and partners, we have launched a new strategic plan. The society is enriched through its many energetic and passionate volunteers. Please consider serving and promoting this wonderful organization by getting involved in our various committees and our new special interest groups that are currently being created.

We wish to thank the efforts of our many volunteers, the conference organizing committee, partners and sponsors, and CNS Executive Director Andrea Grantham and Special Events and Programs Associate Christa Costas-Bradstreet for contributing to the planning and success of this conference.


Sarah Robbins, MD, MSc, FRCPC

David W.L. Ma, PhD
VP-Research and President-Elect

Greetings from Prime Minister Trudeau

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May 5-7, 2016

Dear Friends:

I am pleased to extend my warmest greetings to everyone taking part in the 2016 annual conference of the Canadian Nutrition Society (CNS).

Established in 2010, CNS is committed to advancing nutrition science and to promoting public health through nutritional literacy and education. This year's conference brings together dietitians, nurses, doctors, academics and industry representatives to discuss the latest advances in the field.

What goes on our plate is of interest to every Canadian. Thanks to the valuable work of nutritionists who study the science of diet and nutrition, we can make informed lifestyle choices. I would like to congratulate all those associated with CNS for their positive contribution to our health care system and for improving the quality of life of all Canadians.

Please accept my best wishes for a productive and enjoyable meeting in Gatineau-Ottawa.


The Rt. Hon. Justin P.J. Trudeau, P.C., M.P.
Prime Minister of Canada

Du 5 au 7 mai 2016

Chères amies, chers amis,

Je suis heureux de présenter mes salutations les plus chaleureuses à celles et ceux qui participent au Congrès annuel de la Société canadienne de nutrition (SCN) de 2016.

Fondée en 2010, la SCN a pour mission de contribuer à l'avancement des sciences de la nutrition et à la promotion de la santé publique au moyen de l'éducation et de la littératie alimentaire. Le congrès de cette année réunit des diététiciens, des spécialistes des soins infirmiers, des médecins, des universitaires et des représentants de l'industrie pour discuter des avancées dans le domaine.

Bien choisir ce qui se retrouve dans nos assiettes est une question qui nous intéresse toutes et tous. Grâce au travail précieux des nutritionnistes qui étudient les sciences de la diététique et de l'alimentation, nous sommes en mesure de faire des choix de vie éclairés. Je tiens à féliciter toutes les personnes associées à la SCN de leur contribution positive à notre système de soins de santé et à l'amélioration de la qualité de vie des Canadiennes et des Canadiens.

Je vous souhaite une rencontre des plus fructueuses et agréables dans la région de Gatineau-Ottawa.


Le très hon. Justin P.J. Trudeau, C.P., député
Premier ministre du Canada

Greetings from the Minister of Health

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Message from the Minister of Health
Canadian Nutrition Society Program (for May 7 AGM)

I am pleaesd to welcome you to the 2016 Annual Conference of the Canadian Nutrition Society. This is an important gathering of renowned experts in nutrition, and an excellent opportunity to share ideas, experieneces and research. We will all benefit from hearing about basic, regulatory/policy, clinical and community nutrition research, which will be presented over the coming days, and I hope we will all leave this conference with new ideas and connections.

Since the 1930s, Health Canada has provided national leadership on nutrition. The Department's policies define healthy eating and promote environments that support Canadians in making healthy food choices. As Minister of Health, I am committed to ensuring that federal guidance and regulations on food are based on the best available science and protect the health of Canadians. For example, I will bee introducing new restrictions on marketing unhealthy foods and beverages to children. I am also committed to taking action to eliminate industrially produced trans fats and reduce sodium in processed foods, as well as provide Canadians with more informaiton on food labels so that everyone is aware of added sugars and food colours in processed foods.

While we all come to this conference with different skills - as nutrition experts, opinion leaders, and representatives from government and private sector - I know we all have the common goal of helping Canadians make informed and healthy choices about the foods they prepare and eat. As Minister of Health, I thank you for your interest, efforts and dedication to helping Canadians achieve the best health possible.

The Honourable Jane Philpott, P.C., M.P.
Minister of Health

Message de la ministre de la Santé
Programme de la Société canadienne de nutrition (pour l'AG du 7 mai)

Je suis ravie de vous accueillir à la Conférence annuelle 2016 de la Société canadienne de nutrition. Il s'agit d'une réunion importante d'experts renommés dans le domaine de la nutrition et d'une excellente occasion de partager des idées, de expériences et des résultats de recherches. Nous itrerons tous des avantages des présentations sur les recherches de base, les recherches réglementaires/stratégiques, clinique, ainsi que sur les recherches sur la nutrition communautaire, qui nous seront proposées au cours des prochains jours, et j'espère que nous quitterons tous cette conférence avec de nouvelles idées et de nouvelles connexions.

Dupuis les années 30, Santé Canada a assumé un rôle de leadership national en matière de nutrition. Les p;olitiques du Ministère définissent le concept d'une alimentation saine et favorisent des environments qui appuient les Canadiens dans leurs choix d'une alimentation saine. En ma qualité de ministre de la Santé, je m'engage à veiller à ce que l'orientation et le règlement fédéral sur les aliments soient fondés sur les meilleures données scientifiques disponibles et à protéger la santé des Canadiens. Par exemple, je vais introduire de nouvelles restrictions sur la publicité pour les aliments et les boissons néfastes destinées aux enfants. Je m'engage également à prendre des mesures afin de supprimer les gras trans produits industriellement, à réduire le sel dans les aliments transformés, et à fournir aux Canadiens plus de renseignements sur les étiquettes des aliments, afin que chacun soit conscient des sucres ajoutés et des colorants alimentaires présents dans les aliments transformés.

Si nous arrivons tous à cette conférence avec des compétences différentes - experts en nutrition, leaders d'opinion et représentants du gouvernement et du secteur privé - je sais que nous partageons tous l'objectif commun d'aider les Canadiens à faire des choix éclairés et sains concernant les aliments qu'ils préparent et qu'ils consomment. En ma qualité de ministre de la Santé, je vous remercie pour votre intérêt, our vos efforts et pour votre dévouement à aider nos concitoyens à être le plus en santé possible.

L'honorable Jane Philpott, C.P., députée
Ministre de la Santé

Greetings from the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food

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Message from the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food

On behalf of the Government of Canada, welcome to all participants attending the Canadian Nutrition society's 2016 Annual Conference.

Agriculture and nutrition go hand in hand. Canada's farmers produce safe, high-quality, nutritious food for Canadians and global customers to feed their families. Supporting healthy food and nutrition is a priority of the Government. My mandate includes developing a food policy that promotes healthy living and safe food.

I'm glad that the CNS is working closely with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and that your conference includes presentations from AAFC experts.

Science plays a big part in growing healthy food. Budget 2016 reaffirms the Government's commitment to supporting farmers and to making new investments in research, innovation and science infrastructure. The Budget also includes investments to to further strengthen and modernize Canada's food safety system. The Government is developing an approach for additional investments in agricultural science and research, informed by the review of federal support for fundamental science.

This year marks the International Year of Pulses. I understand that your conference includes an information session on the health benefits of pulses. Pulses are a true Canadian agricultural success story! Canada is the world's largest producer and exporter of lentils and peas. Scientists at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the University of Guelph are working together to explore the benefits of pulses as a nutritional source of fiber. I'm sure these discoveries will benefit you in promoting a healthy diet to Canadians - one that includes delicious pulses.

Spring is a terrific time to enjoy all the sites in the National Capital region. Enjoy the conference, and thank you for all that you do to support and promote the health of Canadians.

Lawrence MacAulay

Ministre de l'Agriculture et de l'Agroalimentaire

Message de la ministre de l'Agriculture et de l'Agroalimentaire

au nom du gouvernement du Canada, je vous souhaite la bienvenue à la conférence annuelle de 2016 de la Société canadienne de nutrition (SCN).

L'agriculture et la nutrition vont de pair. Les agriculteurs canadiens produisent des aliments salubres et nutritifs de grande qualité pour nourrir les familles canadiennes et celles de leurs clients à l'étranger. La promotion d'une alimentation saine et de la nutrition est une des priorités du gouvernement. Mon mandat comprend l'élaboration d'unen politique alimentaire qui met en valeur les modes de vie saine et la salubrité des aliments.

Je suis heureux de savoir que la Société travaille de près avec Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada et que des experts d'AAC feront des présentations pendant la conférence.

Les sciences jouent un rôle important dans la production d'aliments sains. Le Budget de 2016 réaffirme la volonté du gouvernement d'appuyer les agriculteurs et de faire de nouveaux investissements dans la recherche, l'innovation et l'infrastructure scientifique. Le Budget prévoit également des investissements pour renforcer et moderniser le système d'assurance de la salubrité des aliments du Canada. Le gouvernement établit actuellement une approche pour faire d'autres investissements en sciences et en recherche agricoles en fonction des résultats de l'examen de l'aide fédérale à la science fondamentale.

Cette année est l'Année internationale des légumineuses. J'ai cru comprendre qu'il y aura une séance d'information sur les bienfaits des légumineuses pour la santé pendant la conférence. Les légumineuses sont un véritable succès agricole canadient! Le Canada est le plus grand producteur et exportateur mondial de lentilles et de pois. Les chercheurs d'Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada et de l'Université de Guelph étudient ensemble les bienfaits des légumineuses comme source de fibres. Je suis sûr que leurs découvertes vous aideront à adopter un régime alimentaire sain - une régime riche en délicieses légumineuses.

Le printemps est une belle saison pour explorer la région de la capitale nationale. Profitez du votre conférence, et merci de tout ce que vous faites pour appuyer et promouvoir la santé au Canada.

Lawrence MacAulay

LMinistre de l'Agriculture et de l'Agroalimentaire