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Dr. Gord Zello

University of Saskatchewan

Gordon Zello is a Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics in the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition at the University of Saskatchewan. Gord is also a member of the Drug Discovery and Development Research Group and an associate member of the College of Kinesiology at the U of S.  He moved to Saskatoon after completing graduate studies at the University of Toronto and The Hospital for Sick Children. Gord is involved in a number of professional organizations including the Canadian Obesity Network, Canadian Nutrition Society, and the International Union for Nutrition Societies.  Gord has an active graduate and research program in both basic and applied nutrition. His fields of specialization are intermediary metabolism and nutritional assessment. His research interests include the measurement of body composition, energy expenditure, metabolism, athletic performance, and nutrient requirements in healthy and clinical populations. Recent work with children and their caregivers has included examining knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs towards dairy and lentil consumption in Saskatoon. Gord has a particular interest in investigating the health benefits of pulses and promoting pulses as part of the Canadian diet and abroad such as in Ethiopia and Bangladesh.