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Dr. Edith Feskens

University of Wageningen, the Netherlands, (JPI HDHL)

Dr. Edith Feskens (1962) is professor of Nutrition and Health over the Lifecourse at Wageningen Univerity, Wageningen, the Netherlands. She obtained her MSc in Human Nutrition from Wageningen University in 1987, and her PhD in Epidemiology from Leiden University in 1991. After a career as cardiovascular and diabetes epidemiologist at the Netherlands National Institute of Public Health she returned to Wageningen to develop research in nutrition and the metabolic syndrome. Since June 2015 she is chair of the group Nutrition and Health over the Lifecourse at the same university. Her research focuses on diet, obesity and type 2 diabetes, ranging from molecular epidemiology to physiologic intervention and public health prevention programs. Part of her work is located in the developing countries, where under- and overnutrition co-occur. An important methodological topic is innovations in dietary assessment. She takes part in numerous European projects, and currently is deputy chair of the scientific advisory board of the JPI Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life. She has supervised > 45 PhD students towards completion of the thesis and published> 400 international scientific papers. Het h-index is 68.