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Dr. Yvonne Lamers

Canada Research Chair in Human Nutrition and Vitamin Metabolism, The University of British Columbia

Dr Yvonne Lamers is Canada Research Chair in Human Nutrition and Vitamin Metabolism and Assistant Professor in the Food Nutrition and Health Program at The University of British Columbia. Her research focuses on B-vitamin metabolism with the overarching goal to identify biological mechanisms linking nutrition, health, and disease and to evaluate optimal vitamin status to maintain biochemical functions. As evidenced by her recent work, Dr Lamers, goal is to create a translational nutritional research program and contribute new knowledge that can be applied in clinical practice and public health for the benefit of individuals and vulnerable population groups. Dr Lamers, efforts on defining B-vitamin adequacy during early infancy and pregnancy for early diagnosis of fetal deficiencies aim to contribute to the determination of fetal origins of disease and early indicators of disease risk.