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Dr. Andrea Papamandjaris

Head of the Medical, Scientific and Regulatory Unit, Nestlé Maternal and Infant Nutrition

Dr. Andrea Papamandjaris is currently Head of the Medical, Scientific and Regulatory Unit (MSRU) for Nestlé Maternal and Infant Nutrition in Canada and Director of Medical Affairs for Nestlé Infant Nutrition US. Before joining Nestlé in 2000, Andrea received her PhD in Dietetics and Human Nutrition from McGill University in 1999 for studies on lipids and energy expenditure after completing a Bachelor,s degree in Nutrition at the University of Toronto in 1993. In her current role, Dr. Papamandjaris leads an integrated cross-functional team with expertise in regulatory, quality, technical and scientific affairs that serves as a key scientific resource for internal and external stakeholders within Maternal and Infant Nutrition. In addition to product development, the MSRU and Medical Affairs teams work to create, develop, and evaluate clinical tools and programs that align with specific scientific platforms, such as maternal nutrition, allergy, and obesity prevention. Dr. Papamandjaris also supports professional relationships including expert panels, Advisory Boards, and professional associations. Dr. Papamandjaris began her career at Nestlé as Manager, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs, Nestlé Canada Inc. then moved to the role of Marketing Manager for Infant Formula and Cereal before joining the Medical, Scientific, and Regulatory Unit.