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Ms. Deborah Gibson

Manager, Food and Nutrition Surveillance, Health Canada

Deborah is the Manager, Food and Nutrition Surveillance (FNS) in the Bureau of Food Surveillance and Science Integration at the Food Directorate, a position she has held since 2002. Prior to joining Health Canada, Deborah was with the Canadian Red Cross for 17 years, serving in senior positions at the provincial, national and international levels. During her 14 years in the federal public sector, she has championed the contribution food and nutrition surveillance data makes to the evidence base, and, as Chair of the Food and Nutrition Surveillance Working Group, led a coordinated approach to surveillance activities within and on behalf of federal Health Portfolio partners. Deborah collaborates with the Federal Provincial Territorial Group on Nutrition, the Public Health Agency of Canada, Health Canada, academics, and Statistics Canada to ensure comprehensive data on what Canadians are eating, biological measures of nutritional status, and nutrition related content are collected to inform food and nutrition policy, standard setting, and regulation decision making. She continues to focus on data users, needs for information, opportunities for engagement, and capacity building to support the interpretation and use of nutrition data; particularly the 2004 and 2015 CCHS Nutrition focus as well as the Canadian Health Measures Survey.