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Concurrent Lunch Session: Useful Tips for Effective Nutrition Communication on Social Media

Saturday, May 7, 2016
12:15pm - 1:30pm


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Useful Tips for Effective Nutrition Communication on Social Media
With the advent of social media networks in our daily lives, we are faced with an explosion of shares, likes and comments on various topics. Nutrition does not escape, nor science. More and more researchers and healthcare professionals subscribe to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social networks (like LinkedIn or ResearchGate) and express opinions concerning several hot topics in the field of nutrition. This is a great way to reach people and to transmit knowledge. This incursion in the web universe also facilitates networking between researchers, healthcare professionals and the public that may follow the publications through a dedicated page or via hashtags. This media training entitled "Useful Tips for Effective Nutrition Communication on Social Media" is aimed to teach researchers and dietitians from a variety of backgrounds and experience to effectively communicate nutrition and health messages via social media. Hopefully it will encourage experts to get more active on social media to provide the public with easy access to credible and up to date information about healthy eating.

In this presentation, Media Dietitian, Abbey Sharp will cover the DOs and DONTs for nutrition communication on social media. Abbey will share:

  1. The pros and cons of different popular social media outlets (i.e. Twitter vs. Pinterest. vs. Instagram vs. Facebook vs. YouTube). With so many options out there, and so little time, Abbey will help you determine the best places for Nutrition professionals to invest their time for the greatest impact on brand growth and nutrition communication.
  2. How to grow a social following on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Abbey will give insider tips on success with the biggest social media platforms and the fastest road to growth.
  3. How to start a food blog and create a brand that is credible, memorable and shareable. Abbey will discuss best practices for food and nutrition blogging, and creating content that people want to read, like and share.
  4. How to work with brands and communicate credible nutrition information to the masses in ways that make sense to your audience, make the brand happy, and maintain our high standards of evidence based practice.
  5. The secrets to starting a successful YouTube channel on a budget. You don't need a Hollywood budget to start creating amazing digital content on YouTube. YouTube is an incredible medium to help grow your personal brand, grow the nutrition profession at large, and communicate nutrition messages to the masses. Abbey will provide you with the tools you need to get started without making a huge financial investment.

Current strategies to reach the consumer through social media
Digital communications specialist S├ębastien Fassier will present how social media should be part of any organization's communications arsenal and will discuss:

  • Why social media is so important to Canadians and why all sectors with an interest in nutrition should embrace it for educational and communication purposes.
  • Examples of how scientists, academics, nutritionists, clinicians and policymakers are using social media or could be using it better.
  • How basic steps can help mitigate risk and prevent crises in complex environments such as health organizations.
  • 5 basic lessons to be learned from others' mistakes!



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