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The Nutrition Graduate Student and Trainee Award Oral Presentations

Saturday, May 7, 2016
8:45am - 9:45am


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A record number of abstracts were received for this year's annual conference.  From these abstracts, eight of the authors were chosen to participate in the Nutrition Graduate Student and Trainee Award Oral Presentations. 

Presenting on Saturday, May 7 will be: 

Benedicte Tremblay – Differential methylation profiles in human blood leukocytes following an omega-3 fatty acid supplementation

Christopher Villa –High vitamin d in utero and during lactation favourably programs metabolic health and the gut microbiota-bone axis in male adult offspring fed an obesogenic diet

Hossein Rafiei –Mechanisms behind protection by dietary polyphenols against non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: an in vitro evaluation

Marc-Olivier Trepanier –The effect of n-3 pufa and their bioactive mediators on the resolution of neuroinflammation

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